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Assistance Determining Purchase Offer price

Assistance Determining Offer Price

In Need of Assistance determining a Purchase Offer Price? The right “going in” price is very important to set your business up for success. Often…
Selling a hotel motel inn

Business Exit Solution

Need Help Selling a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina or Resort Business? These unique businesses require a unique solution when it comes time to sell.…
Hotel, Motel & Inn Appraiser

Real Estate Appraisals

In Need of a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina or Resort Appraisal? There are many factors that affect the market value of lodge, marina and…
Hotel Motel Inn Business Plan Financial Projections

Business Plan Financial Projections

Need Help Preparing Financial Projections for Your Business Plan? The development of realistic financial projections for a business plan is an important process. This service…