Selling a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp or Resort Handbook

We wrote this handbook to educate and encourage fishing & hunting lodge, camp and resort sellers to consult early with top fishing & hunting lodge, camp and resort industry professionals – when such counsel can provide maximum benefit. Perhaps sharing some of the lessons learned by others will help avoid unnecessary mistakes in selling your fishing & hunting lodge, camp or resort.

There is no more complex form of commercial real estate than fishing & hunting lodges, camps and resorts. Employment agreements, inventories, advance bookings and deposits, financing, new supply, sensitivity to local, national and global economic trends, PIP requirements, reserve for capital replacement, service contracts, liquor and other licenses, tax structuring and implications, and on and on contribute to the complexity, and risks when selling a fishing & hunting lodge, camp or resort.

This handbook is unique because it presents an extraordinary amount of technical, legal and transaction structuring information based on the expertise and experience of professionals with specific arbitration, litigation, structuring, negotiating, transaction and risk management perspectives.

Although much of the material is highly technical, it is written to be easily understood and applied. The contents will be invaluable to buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, advisors, and many others.

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