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Are you an owner or owner’s agent looking for a buyer for a fishing & hunting lodge, rv park, resort, hotel, motel or inn?

Browse the list of wanted ads and reach out directly.

Are you a buyer or buyer’s agent looking for a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, RV Park, Resort, Hotel, Motel or Inn?

Post a Wanted Ad and owners can reach out to you directly.

new start

I am from newfoundland but have lived away from there for last couple of years working, and am looking to find a hunting and fishing lodge for sale or buy out in Newfoundland or Labrador. Everything is for sale for the right price, feel free to contact me anytime. cell (587) 982 9656

SmithOutdoorz / Promoting Hunting / Fishing

SmithOutdoorz is a family owned and operated here in Florida. We travel all over the USA prompting the outdoor lifestyle. We hunt, fish, trail rides, garden, open harvest pit cooking etc. I am looking for a fishing / hunting camp or lodge here in Florida. If you are selling let's talk... if you're looking to partner let s talk. Don't let the camp or the lifestyle die let's keep it alive for the next generations. 904-763-9736

Time to retire from your BC wayerfront Resort?

We are looking to a simpler lifestyle with a job - not looking to get away from it all ALONE. If you are ready to part with your resort and start your next chapter we could be a perfect fit. We are looking for waterfront (natural lake or large man made) in lower BC (within 4 or 5 hours to the lower mainland) with several all season cabins and some RV places. Ideally there will be a lodge and owners residence. Hoping for a sense of community with the Resort, so nothing too small (but willing to consider all). We…

Cabins? RV park? Chunk of waterfront land?

We are looking to fulfill our dream. If you have a lodge, cottage resort or RV campground anywhere from Temagami down to Haliburton and you are thinking of passing the torch please email me. My husband and I are finally at a point in our lives where we have the time, energy and desire to continue on with what you have built. Please email if you thinking of selling to people who will continue your vision. Thank you!

Looking for small outfitter for sale in quebec/ontario

Looking to possibly purchase small bear hunting outfitter. Exclusive rights would be nice.

WANTED - 4 Season Cottage Resort

Actively searching for a 4 season cottage resort within Central East and East region Ontario. Please reach out to me if you have any interest in selling. Thank you!

Fishing resort, RV park wanted

Hello, I'm looking to buy a fishing resort with cabins and or RV park. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I grew up in the country. Looking to live there full time.

Campground, rv park, lodge wanted

Experienced hotel operator and home builder looking to purchase campground, rv park, or lodge. Empty nesters, so we will look at all areas of Canada. Shoot me an email [email protected] if you have something I might be interested in.

Seeking RV park, Marina or Cabins Resort in BC

Seeking an RV resort, cabin resort, or Marina to take on in BC. A mom and pop type run place for me and my husband to manage and care for, we are only in our 40’s and want to live and grow with a resort. Budget is up to 1.8 mil, but would prefer to be closer to 900,000 to avoid financial hoops. Resort must be in the lower BC regions, no further north than Williams Lake. Willing to take on a trailer court also if it’s on a lake./river side area. Please contact me at [email protected], or 778-674-4062. I’d…

Looking for Fishing Lodge/Cottage-RV Resort/Business in Ontario or Nova Scotia

Looking to purchase and takeover end of 2022 season (or sooner) **If Ontario, must be waterfront on a lake/bay/inlet with excellent fishing. Preferred areas: +/- up to 10 hours from Windsor. Nova Scotia preference waterfront on a bay with fishing and other activities. A beach is a plus. Help a couple bring their dream to reality and carry your legacy on for many more years.