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Hotel, Motel & Inn Real Estate Appraisals are my flagship service. Every year I have the pleasure of visiting hotels, motels & Inns across British Columbia for the purpose of completing commercial real estate appraisals.

These unique businesses require a unique solution when it comes time to sell. My “Business Exit Solution”  provides a variety of tools to professionally sell a Hotel, Motel or Inn in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Economics and research service that provides analysis and research services on the lodging industry. My work helps clients make strategic decisions, evaluate programs and business alternatives and determine economic and financial contributions.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region Hotel, Motel & Inn Industry Overview

Hotel/Motel Rooms Available in Metro Vancouver

More than half of all traveller nights in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains were spent staying with friends and family for all markets of origin excluding US travellers. US residents spent half of their nights in hotels. Staying in campgrounds or RV parks was not as common in this region as in other tourism regions.


Top Markets For Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

British Columbia residents make up the largest share of overnight visitation (48%), but a much lower share of spending (23%) compared to other tourism regions. In addition, the region has the largest market share of Washington and Californian travellers compared to other regions.


Vancouver Coast and Mountains Hotel, Motel & Inn Industry Articles and Publications

Sample Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Hotel, Motel & Inn Sale Capitalization Rates

The following list reflects capitalization rates for Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region hotels, motels & inns that have been derived from recent sales in my extensive transaction database.

Capitalization Rate = Net Income / Sale Price

Because lodging facilities are income-producing properties that are normally bought and sold on the basis of capitalization of their anticipated stabilized earning power, often the greatest weight is given to the value indicated by the income capitalization approach.

Estimate of Market Value = Net Income / Capitalization Rate

Sample Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Hotel, Motel & Inn Sale Prices Per Room

Another way that hotels, motels & inns are commonly valued is the sales comparison approach which uses actual sales of similar properties to provide an indication of the subject property’s value.

The following sample of lodging property sales in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region will help you develop a broad value range for your hotel, motel or inn:

The sales outlined above indicate a value range of $25,400 to $567,500 per available room. Several adjustments will be necessary to render these sales prices applicable to your property. The adjustments, which tend to be subjective, diminish the reliability of the sales comparison approach; furthermore, typical hotel investors employ a sales comparison procedure only to establish broad value parameters.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region Hotel, Motel & Industry Research Reports

Vancouver continues to rank as a top international destination based on its natural beauty, Indigenous culture, diversity, health and wellness, commitment to sustainability, gateway to the Pacific Rim, and integrated tourist infrastructure.

The Metro Vancouver Destination Development Strategy focuses on increasing the capacity for responsible tourism growth and ensuring the visitor experience is enhanced to better disperse visitors and spread the benefits of tourism to all communities.

This project was a joint initiative between the District of Squamish, Squamish Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Squamish to better understand the impact of the tourism industry in the Squamish area.

Whistler’s economy has strengthened over the past few years, with solid growth in guest visitation contributing to higher consumer spending in Whistler and subsequently, an increased contribution to both the local and provincial economy.

Building on the successful collaboration between the Sunshine Coast and qathet Regional Districts, the Sunshine Coast Tourism Strategic Plan 2021-2026 will continue to advance the destination development and tourism aspirations of the region.

This profile provides a general overview of the region and summarizes the latest data available about overnight travellers visiting the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains.

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Frontier Hospitality Advisor is a British Columbia based hotel, motel & inn appraisal service. I specialize in appraising Vancouver Coast and Mountains Hotels, Motels & Inns for refinancing or purchase financing, foreclosure or power of sale, divorce or settlement, purchase or sale considerations, legal purposes, estate & retirement planning.

Bryce Witherspoon obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He is an AACI, P. App Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

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