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      Anybody thinking of buying one? hey (resorts) are getting fewer and farther between but there are still some nice ones around. We had a member or two here a few years ago who really were searching and wanted to buy. I wonder if they ever found one?

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        With all the lakes and natural areas in FLorida you’d think there would be more resorts, or fish camps as they call them down here, but most are long gone. And this happened long before the last recession.

        I guess there are still plenty on the intracoastal be waterways around the state, just not a ton on freshwater. I suppose people doing staycations would rather be by the ocean than some freshwater lake.

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          I’ve pondered this many times. I’d love the lake life all season long! The only problem is, you have to have a some money to buy these places. The Lord knows, I don’t have enough of of it. Maybe if that powerball hits tomorrow night for me i’d be in.

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            I think it’d be rewarding, but a tough life. June, July, and August probably putting in 12-15 hour days while everybody else is enjoying their summer. Lots of risk involved too; if the economy tanks one of the first things people would cut out would be vacations. Also, there’s always the chance too you put your resort on a lake where the fishery is mismanaged and tourism declines

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              A friend of mine grew up on a resort that his family owned. The work and daily chores were surprisingly extensive. From fueling up and cleaning boats, mowing, cleaning the property, running the store ect. it sounded like a dairy farm might have been an easier venture. This was back in the late 70s though during the boom of resorts in our area though as well.

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