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    $22.50/Hour plus TIPS

    The Grace Anne II Yacht and Lodge is looking for a young, motivated candidate to fill the  position of Steward at both of our prestigious locations. A Steward is tasked with ensuring and  maintaining an excellent guest experience from the start to the finish of a Grace Anne II Yacht  or Lodge trip. They must have a friendly and welcoming attitude towards guests and other staff  at all times. They will greet guests as they arrive and provide luxury service to them throughout


    the whole duration of a trip. This includes but is not limited to: multi-course meal services,  bartending and wine services, handling of guest items and luggage, and providing other items  and services requested by guests. Stewards must work closely with all other departments to  provide this luxury service. They will complete daily housekeeping tasks to maintain guest and  staff spaces both before, during, and after trips. They must understand Yacht safety training  and be able to perform in a possible emergency situation. A Steward must communicate  constantly with guests and staff during trips to ensure that guest experience is maintained to  the standard of the Grace Anne II Yacht & Lodge.

    To apply for this job email your details to