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Experience Life Operating an Off-the-Grid Remote Fishing Lodge

Nature allows us to disconnect from the fast-paced technological world we’re used to and connect with our more primal instincts.

Buying and operating a remote fishing lodge is a dream for a lot of passionate outdoors enthusiasts. Other individuals might not be seeking to own a lodge but want to experience the lifestyle. At the heart of it, these people are all adventurers.

Living life off-the-grid in the remote wilderness is challenging, but it can be the most rewarding decision you make in your lifetime. 

Eliguk Lake Lodge in Northern British Columbia wants to give you the opportunity to see if this lifestyle is for you.

Overview of the Lodge

We bought an abandoned fishing resort at a fly-in only location. We’ve lived here for 5 years now bringing it back to life and hosting guests out here at our wilderness retreat at one of the greatest Rainbow Trout fishing lakes in the North West Chilcotin BC.

Guests catch and release up to 100 fish per day. We have several boats and log cabins offering people full accommodations and wilderness solitude surrounded by forest and nature.

Most people fly-in with their own planes or charter a float plane. We are open all year round, but do not have running water in the below zero Winter months.


Eliguk Lake Lodge

Type of Person Who Would be a Good Fit & Time Frame

Experience off grid is a must as we live very remotely – 400km from the nearest major city! You can’t just pop into town.

I’m an OFA 3 medic, a herbalist and chef, but we still have to be very careful in our daily work habits and promote safety around the resort. You also must be able to tolerate mosquito’s.

When I forage, I use a netting over my hat, and sometimes fly dope. We make quarterly trips for supplies – other than that we grow food in our greenhouse, fish, forage, raise chickens, eggs and hunt for food.

We have running water in the summer months when it’s above zero for showers, but no flush toilets – only outhouses. We use solar power & generator for electricity & wifi.

We’re looking for outgoing people who aren’t afraid to work, and have no fear of wilderness solitude. We do live amongst Moose, Timber Wolves & Grizzly Bears. We have 3 resident Australian Shepherds who are wilderness trained protectors for the wildlife.

If you are interested in brushing up on your survival & bushcraft skills, fish, hike, explore, or do anything camping related in your off time – this is the place for you!

We do train couples looking to move off the grid, so finding a like-minded couple willing to stay for a few months a year, or come on permanently is something we’d consider.

We have a float plane that’s in the restoration process. Otherwise, we travel by one of our 3 off road Jeeps, quads & snow machines. Our closest off grid neighbour is 35km away by quad trail.

Type of Duties

Whether you are looking to gain some experience running a fishing resort or just want to work and give us a hand for your full accommodations – this place might just be the perfect fit.

We are one couple looking for a hand in building & running our lodge. Daily routines of helping out around the resort would be great. This may include gathering wood for wood stoves, making sure the water tower is full using the water pump, cleaning cabins (we only have 2 rental cabins and never more than a dozen people at the resort at a time). We stick to small family groups that come from all over the globe.

Other jobs include helping with the building and renovating. We peel logs, mill our own wood, and build precisely as hubby is an architect as well. Trail clearing of fallen dead pine is sometimes a weekly quad ride chore to keep our access route clear – chainsaw skills are a bonus.

Lots of training experience available to the right person looking to fatten their portfolio!

Living Conditions

You would have your own 2 bdrm log cabin on site at the resort with outdoor facilities. Propane lights, & cooking amenities. Shower cabin is shared by all resort residents.

Contact the Owners

If you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, send an email expressing your interest to Jennifer Toland, Owner of Eliguk Lake Lodge: [email protected]

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