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These articles and publications are designed to help fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort business owners stay up to date on their industry and further improve their businesses. They analyze and discuss topics ranging from income tax savings, marketing to annual industry updates. 

The right “going in” price is very important to set your business up for success. Often times buyers don’t have the sales data they need to determine what a fair purchase price is. This service will help ensure you’re not paying more than fair market value.

They often have excellent information on related events and education seminars, marketing, and the overall tourism industry. They also play an important role as advocates for the industry and looking out for lodge owners when it comes to key legislative issues.

This is a comprehensive collection of document templates, forms, and checklists for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide, nor should be relied upon for legal advice. You should consult your attorney before engaging in any transaction.

A comprehensive database of Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort Industry Research Reports. These reports offer useful information for current industry participants as well as those interested in entering the resource based tourism industry.

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