Resource-Based Tourism Industry Economics & Research

Resource-based tourism economics and research services that help clients make strategic decisions, evaluate programs and business alternatives and determine economic and financial contributions.

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Canada Wide Network

Nationwide network of resource-based tourism industry owners, operators, lenders and public agencies.


Specializing in the resource-based tourism industry enables Frontier Hospitality Advisor to gain unrivaled insight.

Small & Large Organizations

All size organizations can benefit from economics and research services at a cost that is affordable.

Resource-Based Tourism Economics & Research Services:

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Frontier Hospitality Advisor specializes in resource-based tourism consulting. Within this small market niche, I offer a complete portfolio of services:

Industry Analysis:

Frontier Hospitality Advisor will collect, analyze and extract information from resource-based tourism data sets to provide organizations with information to assess economic factors affecting the industry.

Market Analysis:

Frontier Hospitality Advisor has a solid track record using quantitative and qualitative methods to carry out resource-based tourism market research projects. My data collection and analysis expertise includes desk research, focus groups, workshops, interviews and survey approaches.

Demand & Feasibility Studies:

No plan is viable without some form of research. Especially if you require outside investment you will need to demonstrate you have done a feasibility study for your new resource-based tourism concept. Frontier Hospitality Advisor will perform market demand and financial feasibility studies for resource-based tourism projects and can also incorporate a valuation to help determine viability.

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"I work with Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort Owners, Developers, Investors, Lenders and Public Agencies across Central and Western Canada to support confident, informed business and real estate decisions."

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