Need Help Preparing Financial Projections for Your Business Plan?

The development of realistic financial projections for a business plan is an important process. This service assists you in the completion of well supported financial forecasts worthy of presentation to lenders, investors, and others. 

Hotel, Motel & Inn Business Plan Financial Projections

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Even when the revenue projections are accurate, forecasting of expenses can lack precision and consistency. Forecasting methods vary broadly by type of expense, with different formats, metrics, calculations and assumptions. I have the tools and experience to help you produce accurate financial projections.

Well Supported

When presenting financial projections to investors, lenders & others it's very important that they have confidence in the numbers you are presenting. I help you prepare credible, well supported financial projections for your business plan. Your financial projections will help you see if your business plans are realistic, whether you’ll have any shortfalls and what financing you may need.

Improved Performance

With the right revenue and forecasting tools in place, owners can improve their top and bottom lines. A clearer picture of expected demand leads to more effective pricing and inventory strategies. Accurate projections of occupancy help operators optimize staffing and supply purchasing, manage utilities efficiently and schedule maintenance to avoid displacement and better control costs. ​

10 Year Financial Projection Report:

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The 10-Year financial projection is delivered to you in the form of a PDF report that captures all of the following:

Development of Top Line Revenue:

Depending on your needs, I will work with you to:

  • Help you determine the number of room nights available for sale;
  • Research the market to help you determine the average rate for your rooms and;
  • Project occupancy based on the occupancy rates being experienced at similar properties.

Development of Expenses:

The income & expenses of 6 comparable business operations will be presented. Based on the operating experience of these comparables, and also of specific cost factors related to the subject property, a projection of annual operating expenses will be prepared for the 10 year projection period.

10 Year Financial Projection Model:

Based on the revenue and expense analysis, a 10 year projection of income available for debt service will be presented on a calendar year basis.

A copy of the excel spreadsheet will be provided to you so that you can update your projections as your business evolves.

Indication of Supportable Value:

A basic principle of real property value is anticipation, which holds that value is created by the expectation of future benefits to be derived from ownership.

Based on the projected operating results, I will prepare an “indication of supportable value off cashflow’ for the subject property utilizing the discounted cashflow approach to valuation and applying market driven capitalization and discount rates.

This is an indication of the subject property’s value if the projected cashflows are achieved.

Accurate Financial Projections are Critical for Hotels, Motels & Inns

Forecasting plays a critical role in your business, guiding purchasing and staffing levels, sales and revenue strategy, cost control and cashflow management. When forecasts are inaccurate, bad decisions result. When forecasts are realistic and comprehensive, they help protect asset value and serve as a reliable roadmap.

Benefits of Smart Forecasting Practices

By strengthening forecasting practices, hotels, motels & inns can derive an array of benefits that have a direct and positive impact on asset value and performance.

Improved Cashflow

Better Understanding of Risks & Opportunities

Better Performance in Each Revenue & Expense Category

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