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Hotel, Motel and Inn Sale Consulting

Our flat-fee Sale Consulting service is designed to give both owners & agents all of the tools they need to sell a Hotel, Motel or Inn property in the most efficient, cost effective way. Serving: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon & NWT.

Call 1-800-592-1349 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST or fill out the form.

Everything you need to professionally sell a Hotel, Motel or Inn.

Step 1 - Preparing to sell

We'll explain the steps we're going to take in helping you put the property on the market. We'll also visit the property to take photos which will be used in the marketing materials.

Step 2 - Set the right price

A good asking price is key for a successful real estate transaction. We'll provide you with a commercial real estate appraisal that will give you the market data and the right advice to help you establish the fair market value of the property.

Step 3 - Organize pertinent info

We'll summarize the pertinent details about the property into an easily consumable online listing as well as a PDF information package that you'll provide to interested buyers. The PDF document will include an NDA form and more detail than is presented in the online listing.

Step 4 - Attract buyers and negotiate

Our site will drive thousands of potential buyers to your online listing every month. Inquiries will go directly to you but we will be here to support you if questions arise.

Step 5 - Finalize the transaction

You will need to arrange a lawyer that will finalize the purchase and sale agreement.

Effective For Sale Advertising Specifically For Hotels, Motels & Inns

For the property to sell, it has to be seen by the right people! So, it will come as great news that our site is an absolute must for all hospitality property seekers!

Most realtor and business for sale websites are not designed to specifically attract buyers interested in hotels, motels & inns. The majority of these specialized buyers come from outside the region that the business is located in. In order to reach the most potential buyers you’re going to need national and international exposure for your for sale listing.

If advertised for sale in our Marketplace, your listing won’t be mixed in with a bunch of unrelated for sale listings and will get both national and international exposure.

Our marketplace currently receives 18,000+ page views per month and 2,700 interested buyers subscribe to our new listing email alerts.

Hotel, Motel & Inn Sale Consulting

Cost varies between $3,500 and $5,500 depending on size and location. Please contact for a detailed quote

Includes the following:

We’ll explain the steps we’re going to take in helping you put the property on the market. We’ll also visit the property to take photos which will be used in the marketing materials.

We’ll provide you with an AACI certified Commercial Real Estate Appraisal report to help you determine market value and have data to support it during negotiations. We have data on hundreds of hotels, motels and inns and can put together a solid analysis of the property that will support you during sale negotiations.

When preparing a business for sale, you will want to present the most accurate, up-to-date information about the business for prospective buyers. Known as a selling memorandum, this document is a marketing piece designed to highlight all aspects of the business. We’ll prepare the Sales Memorandum Document for you that you’ll provide to interested buyers. This document will include a non-disclosure agreement for buyers to sign before financial statements will be provided.

We’ll prepare your for sale listing for you utilizing the details gathered and good quality photos taken during the in-person visit.

We’ll setup your listing in the following sections of our site:

1. All North American Hotel, Motel & Inn For Sale Listings Section.
2. All Canadian Hotel, Motel & Inn For Sale Listings Section.
3. Your Hotel, Motel or Inn listing will be included in your specific Province For Sale Listings Section.
4. Your Hotel, Motel or Inn For Sale Listing will also be setup as a featured listing at the top of all provinces.

Every month we receive numerous inquiries from buyers looking to enter the hospitality industry. We’ll email your listing to our list of 2,700+ subscribers interested in buying hotels, motels and inns.

We’ll be on standby for you throughout the sales process if you have questions that arise or need additional support for your asking price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a hotel, motel or inn can bring up a lot of questions, because selling one of these properties isn’t something you do very often. But our team does!

It’s simple. we offer the two essential ingredients you need to sell a hotel, motel or inn: well-supported valuation and exposure to the right buyers. You get access to an experienced, professional commercial real estate appraiser and consultant who will prepare you to go to market. You also gain access to the most popular hospitality real estate site in Canada. The big difference for owners and agents wanting assistance is if you work with us, you don’t pay us a commission at the end of the transaction. We only charge a reasonable one time, flat-fee.

The average selling time for a hotel, motel or inn in Canada is approximately 6 months to 1.5 years, regardless of whether it is sold privately or with a real estate agent. These are unique properties with a small pool of potential buyers. What most influences selling time are the location, the asking price, how the property is presented and how many potential buyers the listing reaches. We can support you on all these aspects—except, of course, the location.

With over 18,000 page views of our marketplace per month, from buyers specifically looking for hospitality properties for sale, has become one of most popular hospitality real estate websites in North America! We rank at the top of Google for all related searches and there are some 2,700 people subscribed to our email newsletter to find their future property. is a must for all hospitality property-seekers.

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Call 1-800-592-1349 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST or fill out the form.