In Need of a Hotel, Motel or Inn Appraisal?

There are many factors that affect the market value of hotel, motel & inn businesses: Licensed guest capacity, number of accommodation units & their quality, occupancy rates, revenue & expenses, chattels, land size, access, location, health of the tourism industry…

If you need a hotel, motel or inn appraised, do not leave your valuation to chance by hiring a service provider that doesn’t specialize in your industry. 

Hotel, Motel & Inn Appraisals

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I Specialize in Your Industry.

Hotel, Motel & Inn Valuation Solution

Hotel, Motel & Inn Appraisals are my flagship service. I provide highly credible appraisal reports reports with value opinions based on methodologies that have set industry standards.

All Appraisal Reports are AACI certified. The AACI designation is granted to individuals who have completed the AACI program of studies and fulfilled all the professional requirements of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. AACI Members are qualified to offer valuation and consulting services and expertise for all types of real property.

AACI appraisers often value special-use properties such as hotels, motels & inns, on a going-concern basis.

The term ‘going-concern’ is defined in The Appraisal of Real Estate, 3rd Edition, wherein the definition is: “All tangible and intangible assets of an established and operating business with an indefinite life.”

What is the Process When You Hire Me?

  • Step 1: Initial Discussion & Quote – If you accept our quote, we move onto the next step which is to arrange a mutually convenient time for me to come for a site visit.
  • Step 2: Site Visit – I will work with you to find a convenient time for me to come for a tour of your property to check out the facilities and take photos.
  • Step 3: Data Collection & Report Completion – After the site visit its time for me to start preparing the report. There may be items that come up as a result of our site visit and more information may be requested.
  • Step 4: Draft & Invoice Delivered – Due to the complexity of these properties, I feel it is appropriate to provide a draft copy of the report to clients prior to delivery of the final copy.
  • Step 5: Final Report Delivered – After we’ve had the opportunity to discuss the draft copy I will then forward you a final pdf copy complete with all addenda materials.

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