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A Few Technology Tools That May Be Helpful

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    Below are links to a few technology tools I’ve found that may be helpful to Lodge/Resort Owners and Operators:

    ReviewTrackers – an online review management and customer feedback software platform
    Mailchimp – email marketing service, used by businesses to manage their mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns and automations to send to customers.
    Google Workspace – Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google
    Hootsuite – a social media management platform
    WordPress – building your website with WordPress is a MUST, it makes it very easy to add content and add useful functions to your website.
    Freshbooks – accounting software primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.

    If anyone has found another technology tools that could help lodges/resorts improve operations, please share.

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    Business Tax Accountants
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    Value Added Tax (VAT)
    You would have to register your company for VAT if it is generating more than £85,000. Our VAT return service providers can help in scheduling your VAT return monthly, quarterly, or annually. Calculating VAT is a complicated process, but our help will make this difficult task easier for you. We have expertise and experience of more than forty years in VAT return and we also specialize in EU and cross border VAT, as well as complexities of import export VAT return.
    The standard rate of VAT is 20% but it is different on other items which we can help in identifying for you.

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