Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Solutions

Valuation Solution

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Real Estate Appraisals are our flagship service. Every year we have the pleasure of visiting lodges, camps & resorts all across Canada and the United States for the purpose of completing commercial real estate appraisals.

Fishing Hunting Lodge Camp Resort Appraiser

Development Solution

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort development can be challenging. We can help you analyse your strategy, appraise your options and develop a plan that aims to deliver a smooth development process and a successful market launch. 

Acquisition Solution

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camps & Resort investors need an experienced advisor to assist them in acquiring the right business to set them up for success. Our vast experience with all types of Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Camps & Resorts over the last few decades has given us the unique ability to guide our clients through the acquisition process with ease.

Operation Solution

Phil Reid, Frontier Hospitality Advisors Consultant and owner of Reid’s Birch Island Resort, has been in the lodge industry his entire life. In fact, his family has been running lodges for over 70 years. A total of 16 lodges have been run by a member of Phil’s family. He now hopes to share his many lessons learned by helping clients with fine tuning their operations.

Growth Solution

No more getting too busy during the season and forgetting about marketing and then spending your whole off season trying to make up for it. Our Comprehensive Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Digital Marketing Plan is tailored for outdoor tourism businesses.

Fishing Hunting Lodge Camp Resort Business Marketing Program
Fishing & Hunting Lodge Camp and Resort Business Exit Service

Exit Solution

Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Camps & Resorts are unique businesses that require a unique solution when it comes time to sell. Our “Business Exit Solution” is a consulting service that gives you all of the tools you need to professionally exit your business in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Feasibility Solution

Expert advice from industry professionals that have extensive fishing & hunting lodge, camp & resort market experience. You can count on our demand & financial feasibility studies to help you make informed decisions.

Fishing Hunting Lodge Camp Resort Business Feasibility Study

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"Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Owners, Developers, Investors, Lenders and Public Agencies across Canada rely on Frontier Hospitality Advisors to support confident, informed business and real estate decisions." 
Bryce Witherspoon
Appraisal & Marketing Specialist
Phil Reid
Acquisition & Operation Specialist

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