Need to Determine the Feasibility of Your Lodge, Marina or Resort Project?

My fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort feasibility studies provide a full comprehensive and unique review of the proposed site, local market, demographics, supply and demand pipeline and generators as well as an analysis of the overall best use of the land.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort Feasibility Solution

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I'll Build a Scope of Service based Around Your Specific Needs.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort Feasibility Solution

As the name suggests, a feasibility study investigates your fishing & hunting lodge, marina or resort proposal to see if it is feasible as a sustainable, profitable business model.

It does this by considering its viability relating to market, location, costs and financing. A feasibility study forms the cornerstone of your preparations for your new or remodelled lodge, marina or resort.

It shows investors how they will receive a return on their investment (ROI). It is therefore ill-advised to proceed without carrying out this crucial investigatory and illuminatory step.

I'll work with you to develop a scope of service that can include any or all of the following:

  • Evaluate the potential fishing & hunting lodge, marina or resort site with regard to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), including access, natural resources, present utilization, ambiance, amenities, etc.
  • Review economic data and details concerning the market area and its relation/effect on the potential project.
  • Determine top demand generators in the market.
  • Advise on summary of key components of the proposed development, including guest cabins, main lodge, food & beverage facilities and other amenities.
  • Advise on expected development quality and sustainability factors.
  • Conduct an initial working session and/or call with Client to discuss the project, objectives, goals, timeline and opportunities.

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