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Operational consulting through Frontier Hospitality Advisors provides a third-party assessment of property operations with a focus on improving profitability and asset value.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Operation Solution

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We'll Build a Scope of Service based Around Your Specific Needs.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Operation Solution

Phil Reid, Frontier Hospitality Advisors Consultant and owner of Reid’s Birch Island Resort, knows passion and customer service are crucial to the success of any business.

Phil has been in the lodge industry his entire life. In fact, his family has been running lodges for over 70 years, with Phil’s grandfather opening his first one in the 1940’s. Since then, a total of 16 lodges have been run by a member of Phil’s family.

To say Phil has “seen it all” when it comes to the resort industry would be a fair statement. From far north fly-in operations to more accessible boat-in operations, he’s done it and now hopes to share his many lessons learned by helping clients with fine tuning their operations.

For Phil, this industry is all about passion. The satisfaction of utilizing his experience to help clients develop a thriving business is an extraordinary experience.

We'll work with you to develop a scope of service that can include any or all of the following:

  • Expenses Analysis & Supply Chain Optimization (Uncover operating problems and implement performance initiatives that drive efficiency/Develop purchasing strategies to boost profitability)
  • Analysis of Pricing & Package Options (Our experienced consultants will analyze and make recommendations on your current pricing strategy and package options)
  • Service Enhancement – Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities (Our experienced consultants work together with your team to identify and implement service enhancements that strengthen the guest experience associated with your brand.)
  • Capital Planning (Building renovations, new equipment and innovative technologies all present new ways of unlocking value in your business. We’ll help you make smart capital expenditures by analyzing and planning how best to allocate your capital.)
  • Develop Training Programs


Pricing: 2-week intensive consulting program or monthly consulting program.

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  • We'll develop a scope of service based around your needs. 2-week intensive consulting program or monthly consulting program.

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