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Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Business Acquisition Solution

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Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

Having Difficulty Determining Market Value?

There are many many aspects to fishing & hunting lodges, camps and resorts and determining a fair offer price is very difficult to do on your own. You'll need quality market data that supports your offer price during negotiations and obtaining this information is difficult for even the most resourceful of individuals.

Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

Can't Find The Right Business?

Fishing & Hunting lodges, camps and resorts are niche businesses & finding the right one for you can prove difficult. Further complicating matters is the fact that the vast majority of these businesses sell privately and very discretely with the market never even knowing the business was for sale. It's important to work with an advisor who is well connected within this industry.

Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

Trouble Finding a Reliable Service Provider?

There are not many realtors or brokers who have ever operated a fishing & hunting lodge, camp or resort and as such are not well informed on what makes for a successful operation. If this is your first foray into the outdoors tourism industry you'll also need an expert to help guide you through your first year of operation.

We'll Build a Scope of Service Based Around Your Specific Needs.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Business Acquisition Solution

For decades now, Phil Reid of our team has been very active and successful in acquiring fishing & hunting lodges, camps and resorts for private ownership and for investors.

His success and experience is supported by a very high acquisition criteria, which consists of identifying under-performing lodges, camps and resorts that we believe can be brought to market potential through improved asset management and “value-add” properties, requiring redevelopment, repositioning and investment to achieve returns set by high underwriting and performance goals.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camps & Resort investors need an experienced advisor to assist them in acquiring the right business to set them up for success, which is what Frontier Hospitality Advisors’ “Acquisition Solution” provides.

Our vast experience with all types of Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Camps & Resorts over the last few decades has given us the unique ability to guide our clients through the acquisition process with ease.

We believe the acquisition services we provide to fishing & hunting lodge, camp and resort investors are more important than ever. If you want a successful business in today’s outdoor tourism industry (where comparison is very easy for guests), its extremely important that you get the acquisition right.

We'll work with you to develop a scope of service that can include any or all of the following:

  • Identify potential acquisition Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Camps & Resorts based on your criteria through our large network of connections with owners and brokers.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of acquisition target (Review of competitive supply, demand sources, economic environment).
  • Provide valuation of potential acquisition targets to determine offer price.
  • Complete a physical building assessment with proposed renovation and capital improvement plan.
  • Benchmark the potential acquisition’s operating performance against industry trends.
  • Recommend professionals (Lawyer & Accountant) experienced with these types of operations.
  • Assist in formulating the business strategy/plan.
  • Assist in implementing plans and concepts for branding, operations, management, and financing the acquisition.
  • Development of 1 – 5 year Pro Forma based on comparable operations.
  • Completion of a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal on Final Purchase.
  • For first year of operation of new business, have a monthly discussion with an experienced operator to review problems encountered and/or examine opportunities (1 hour monthly).



Low, Fixed Fee – Pay 50% of Consulting Fee Up Front and 50% After We’ve Helped You Find the Right Business

Consulting fee is based around scope of service provided. On this page we have outlined the services we can offer you, we will work with you to determine a scope of service that is best for your particular situation.

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  • We'll develop a scope of service based around your needs. Low, Fixed Fee - Pay 50% of Consulting Fee Up Front and 50% Upon Purchase Closing.

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