Good advice that helps you make informed decisions about a variety of fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort matters

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My Business Advisory Solution isn’t just for major business decisions. Good advice helps you make informed decisions about a variety of fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort business and real estate matters, including but not limited to: 

Determining Offer Price For Purchase

If you’ve identified a property you would like to acquire but need assistance determining it’s market value and your offer price, I can assist you with this. Basing your offer price on the asking price of comparable lodges, marinas or resorts listed for sale would be a mistake. The large majority of these properties sell for far below asking price because the owner is not well informed on market value and is doing a “for sale by owner”. Detailed Lodge, Marina & Resort sales data is hard to come by. I make my living by collecting this data and know the details on many comparable transactions and can help you make an informed offer price.

Analyzing Historical Financial Operating Performance & Identifying Areas with Potential For Improvement

I have a large database of fishing & hunting lodge, marina and resort historical financial data that has been analyzed utilizing the percentage of sales method. The percent of sales method is a financial analysis model in which all of a business’s financial line items like costs of goods sold, wages & benefits, and insurance — are calculated as a percentage of sales revenue. I’ll compare the subject operation with up to 6 comparable operations to show how the subject’s revenue & expenses compare. This analysis enables us to identify areas with potential for improvement.

Preparing Financial Projections

Realistic financial projections are an important part of a well prepared business plan. As mentioned above, I have a large database of fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort historical financial data that has been analyzed utilizing the percentage of sales method. I can assist you by utilizing those percentages to prepare future revenue & expense estimates for each line item. We’ll aim to mirror the operating performance of well organized comparable lodge, marina or resorts.

Identifying Acquisition Targets

If you’ve scanned the online for sale listings and don’t see any properties that fit your acquisition criteria, I can assist you in developing a list of potential acquisition targets and reach out to them on your behalf. If you aren’t quite sure about your acquisition criteria, I can help you develop one that will enable you to easily filter out options that don’t fit your ideal acquisition.

Business Plan Preparation

Get your lodge, marina or resort on the way with a business plan professionally prepared, and fast. Whether you need a business plan for mortgage financing or you simply want to have a road map for further growth of your existing business, you can rely on me to develop a unique business plan for you.

Market & Industry Research

Make informed decisions with a customized research report. Market & industry research is essential to understanding customers, industry, trends and competition. Let my Market & Industry Research help you find the answers.

SWOT Analysis

There is a lot of competition among lodges, marinas and resorts to secure and maintain guests/clients, and many factors that lead a guest/client to select one location over another. As such, it is helpful for lodges, marinas and resorts to regularly assess the marketplace and their competitiveness in the market. One tool for analyzing a lodge marina or resort’s competitive market position is the SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This tool utilizes data to provide a realistic overview of the market and competitiveness. The SWOT analysis can provide a snapshot of current conditions for business.

Additional Details

  • All clients are limited to 10 hours a week unless time permits more. All consulting hours purchased are a flat rate fee and good for 180 days. Hours can be used toward a specific project or as situations arise.
  • Turnaround time is a UP TO 10 business days; however, the majority of assignments (depending on size) are completed within 5 business days.
  • Initial discussion meetings do not count toward the number of hours used. Under most circumstances hours go completely toward your requested task.

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