Need Help Selling a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina or Resort Business?

Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Marinas & Resorts are unique businesses that require unique solutions when it comes time to sell.

My “Business Exit Solutions” let you choose from two different levels of service that give you a variety of tools you need to professionally sell a Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina or Resort Business in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort Business Exit Solutions

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Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

Pre-Planning For Your Sale

Level 2 is the perfect solution for owners who are in the beginning stages of planning for their sale. I'll help you understand your market value and how you can improve it. The commercial real estate appraisal will not only inform you on the value drivers for businesses like yours, but it will also provide a detailed, well supported value opinion that will assist you during sale negotiations.

Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

For Sale By Owner Like a Pro

For those owners who plan on completing a "For Sale by Owner" transaction, my "Business Exit Solutions" will have you organized like a pro. Level 1 is for the pure "do it yourselfers". You have access to free resources as well as an effective for sale marketing platform. Level 2 offers added professional support from a specialist in your industry.

Fishing hunting lodge camp resort marketing service

Broker/Agent Assistance

I love teaming up with Brokers/Agents who would like help with their lodge, marina or resort for sale listings. I can help with valuation, data support, finding buyers and more. My Marketplace is the #1 place in North America to advertise one of these highly specialized businesses for sale. It's important that you get national and international exposure for these unique properties.

Effective For Sale Advertising Specifically For Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Marinas & Resorts

Most realtor and business for sale websites are not designed to specifically attract buyers interested in fishing & hunting lodges, marinas & resorts. The majority of these specialized buyers come from outside the region that the business is located in. In order to reach the most potential buyers you’re going to need national and international exposure for your for sale listing. If advertised for sale in my Marketplace, your listing won’t be mixed in with a bunch of unrelated for sale listings and will get both national and international exposure. 100% of site visitors to my Marketplace are searching for Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Marinas & Resorts For Sale. The marketplace currently receives 11,000+ page views per month.

Level 1: FREE

I offer all of the items listed below for FREE to support the outdoor tourism industry:


With my free option you’ll prepare your own for sale listing and photos. Complete the For Sale listing form found HERE. Once you’ve prepared your free for sale listing and emailed the document and pictures to me, I’ll setup your listing in these 3 sections of my site:

1. All North American Lodge, Marina & Resort For Sale Listings Section.
2. All Canadian or All American Lodge, Marina & Resort For Sale Listings Section.
3. Your Lodge, Marina or Resort listing will also be included in your specific Province or State section


Every month I receive numerous inquiries from buyers looking to enter the outdoor tourism industry. I’ll email your listing to my list of 2,100+ subscribers interested in buying fishing & hunting lodges, marinas and resorts.


When preparing your business for sale, you will want to present the most accurate, up-to-date information about the business for prospective buyers. Known as a selling memorandum, this document is a marketing piece designed to highlight all aspects of your business. With my free option you’ll prepare your own sale memorandum. A template can be found HERE.


My site provides many helpful resources that will help you navigate the sale process:

Sale Preparation Guide – The contents will be invaluable to buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, advisors, and many others.
Articles & Publications – Articles & publications to support Lodge, Marina and Resort industry participants.
More Tools and Templates – Example Checklists & Templates for the Purchase or Sale of a Lodge, Marina or Resort.

Level 2: $4,250 plus travel costs (if applicable) & tax

Everything you need to sell – for less than $5,000.

Having proper support for your asking price is very important – Did you know the vast majority of lodge, marina & resort listings sell for 20-25% under their asking price? Not understanding market value causes these properties to often sit on the market for 2+ years.

In addition to all of the free items included in Level 1 above you’ll receive the following:


The key component in Level 2 is the Commercial Real Estate Appraisal of your lodge, marina or resort to help you determine your asking price and have data to support it during negotiations. I have data on hundreds of fishing & hunting lodges, marinas and resorts across North America and can put together a solid analysis of your business that will support you during sale negotiations.

An in-person inspection is not 100% necessary as it can add a significant amount to the overall cost due to the remote location of many of these businesses. Photos and other details may be provided instead but foregoing an in-person inspection can lead to a less credible opinion of value.


I’ll prepare your for sale listing for you utilizing the details and good quality photos from the appraisal report. I’ll also prepare your Sales Memorandum Document for you that you’ll provide to interested buyers.


I’ll be on standby for you throughout the sales process if you have questions that arise or need additional support for your asking price. I have relationships with realtors, accountants & lawyers across Canada and the US and can offer recommendations and engage their services on your behalf.

All you have to do is

Show the Property & Present Your Asking Price

I'll assist you with determining the value of your property and my marketing system will drive the buyers your way, but it will be your responsibility to show the property and present your asking price. As with all transactions of this nature, you'll need to arrange a lawyer to review any sale agreements/offers and help you close the transaction.

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