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Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge
Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

Ena Lake Lodge – New Club Membership Program

North America's Premier Private FIshing and Outdoors Club

Contact Name: Ed Houck, General Manager

Location: Division No. 18, Unorganized, Saskatchewan

Contact Email: [email protected]

Membership Price: $19,500

Annual Dues: $1,500

In 2017, The Luxus Group acquired a rare and special luxury fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan on Ena Lake and now owns and operates this amazing experience with a group of passionate owners. The remote location and pure beauty of the area make Ena Lake Lodge a truly unique, world-class fishing and outdoor adventure experience.  Accessible only by float plane and with ‘catch-and-release’ practices, the lake has an abundance of incredible trophy Northern Pike and Lake Trout.

Ena Lake Lodge is now pleased to offer a limited number of Private Club Memberships to share this one-of-a-kind experience.

Club Membership offers a unique opportunity to be part of an angling community that values protecting and preserving this amazing remote resource, while offering the outdoor enthusiast an unrivaled experience.

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Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge
Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

The Location

Ena Lake is located in Northern Saskatchewan on the 59th parallel in a vast and rocky boreal forest wilderness in the great Canadian Shield, mere kilometres from the Northwest Territories. With no roads to Ena Lake and the lodge is the only development on 22,000 acres of pristine fresh water, Ena Lake Lodge offers your own ample and uncrowded outdoor playground.  Black spruce, tamaracks, birch and jack pine surround rocky outcrops and sandy shores, ancient remnants of the area’s glacial past. Black bears, moose and caribou wander freely; eagles sore and trophy fish swim in abundance. Early summer visitors will be dazzled with near 24-hour sunlight, while fall Guests will be mesmerized by night-time displays of the spectacular Northern Lights.

Nestled in a large swath of provincially protected crown land and neighbouring two remote Denesuline First Nations, Ena Lake Lodge is one of just a handful of privileged caretakers of this sacred, special place, respecting the ancient landscape and conserving its natural beauty and bounty.

The Facilities

Relax in your own piece of secluded, unspoiled Canadian wilderness, with all the comforts and charm of a luxurious, rustic retreat. This is the Ena Lake Lodge Fishing Club experience! 

Situated on an island in the midst of beautiful Ena Lake our modern and welcoming accommodations provide rest and relaxation to complement your outdoor adventure. Unwind in the privacy of your own cabin, explore our sheltered bays & sandy beaches, or spend quality time together in our well-appointed lodge; with no other developments on the lake, you can rest assured that your visit will be a secluded, serene paradise where you can truly unwind.

Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge
Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge

Private Club Membership

Club Membership offers a unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive community that values protecting and preserving this amazing remote resource, while offering the outdoor enthusiast an unrivaled experience.

Similar to Golf Club Memberships, Ena Lake Lodge Club Membership is a limited offering that provides preferred access, numerous benefits and discounted booking rates to Ena Lake Lodge Members and their guests.


  • Exclusive annual guaranteed access to Ena Lake Lodge
  • Chartered flights and unique travel packages
  • Preferred member booking rates & times
  • Discounted guest rates
  • Access to Ena’s expanding network of virgin waters in the Northwest Territories
  • Preferred access to additional annual trips (when available)
  • Inclusions of premium lodging, guided fishing, & top end gear
  • Executive chef with upscale culinary experiences
  • Access to all Club amenities, including WiFi, hot tub, games, shore lunches, kayaks, paddle boards and many other activities

With limited spaces available for this program and with a high demand for domestic travel destinations in 2021, we encourage you to act now to become a part of the Ena Lake Lodge family!