In Need of Assistance determining a Purchase Offer Price?

The right “going in” price is very important to set your business up for success. Often times buyers don’t have the sales data they need to determine what a fair purchase price is. This service will help ensure you’re not paying more than fair market value.

Assistance Determining Lodge, Marina or Resort Purchase Offer Price

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Real Market Data

Do not base your purchase offer price on the asking price of other fishing & hunting lodge, marina & resort for sale listings. Many of these properties will sell for as much as 20% below asking price. I'll provide you with sale transaction data of comparable properties that will help you make a well informed decision.

Advice From a Specialist

A lot of Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Marina & Resort sales are private sale transactions. Buyers aren't utilizing the guidance of a professional which leaves them at risk of over paying. I specialize in fishing & hunting lodges, marinas and resorts and this service will provide the guidance that you need.

Setting You Up For Success

​All fishing & hunting lodge, marina and resort buyers have one thing in common: They don’t want to get ripped off. How do you know that you’re getting a good deal—even in a tight market—before you make an offer? This service will help you evaluate the price of the property, so you can make a sound investment decision.

Assistance Determining Purchase Offer Price Report:

Cost Varies, please contact for a quote.

The market value analysis of the subject property is delivered to you in the form of a PDF report that captures all of the following:

Research the Land & Area:

The suitability of the land for the operation of a resource based tourism business is an important consideration affecting the economic viability of a property and its overall value. I’ll research factors such as size, topography, access, visibility, and the availability of utilities, all of which have a direct impact on the desirability of a particular site.

Research the Building Improvements:

Under most circumstances an in-person inspection of the subject property will not be completed in order to keep costs down for clients. Photos from your visit to the property will be reviewed and in some circumstances a virtual tour of the property can be setup using remote technology. A list of building improvements, square footage and recent improvements will be gathered from the owner.

Review the Chattels:

Fishing & Hunting Lodges, Marinas and Resorts have an extensive list of chattels that are essential to their operation as a resource based tourism operation. Any contribution value of Furniture Fixtures & Equipment would be included in the value estimate only to the extent that such items contribute to the normal operation of the property and are not separable as such.

Analyze Historical Operating Performance:

Because the subject property is an existing fishing & hunting lodge, marina or resort with an established operating performance, its historical income and expense experience can serve as a basis for valuation. The past 3 years income and expenses will need to be provided by management and will be compared against the operating performance of similar businesses.

Present Comparable Sales Data:

The sales comparison approach can be used to form an opinion of a property’s market value from the price at which equally desirable properties have sold, or for which they can be purchased, on the open market. I will present 6 recent transactions of properties that bear comparison to the subject property in one or more key areas. 

Provide Opinion of Value Range:

Based on the above items, a narrow range of estimated market value for the subject property will be estimated.

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